CMS Collection Filter

Stay Page

All of the suites from the CMS collection are displayed on the stay page of the template.

In order to display them with the image alternating left and right, a CMS collection is used for each item. The wrapper "Suite CMS Wrapper" is set to filter to display only one item from the collection, filtered by "Display Order".

The "Display Order" is set when adding a suite to the collection. On the "Display Order" field, enter the order number that you would like this suite to display on the stay page.

On the stay page, add a "Suite CMS Wrapper" for each CMS item. There is a version with the image on the left and a version with the image on the right. You can copy and paste the existing wrappers and re-use them. For each wrapper, filter it by the "Display Order" field in the settings, in the order you want the items to display.

Remember to set the "Display Order" for each item in the CMS and use each number only once.

In the example, there is three items in the CMS, and three "Suites CMS Wrappers". Each wrapper is filtered by "Display Order". The order in which they are used is "Display Order: 1","Display Order: 2" and "Display Order: 3", with the alternating designs.